Barrage Battle

Will I like Barrage Battle?

An important question when deciding to buy a new game is will I like it?  I know that when I am deciding to buy a game I would like to know what games the designer likes or what games the customers like and maybe that information would help me make a better decision.  So, I want to list the games that I really like and play all the time: Boss Monster, Magic the Gathering, Chess, Risk, Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot, Munchkin, Pinochle, Smallworld, Dominion, Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, Summoner Wars, Cube Quest, Wizard, Exploding Kittens, and Citadels.  In addition to those board games, I like to play Cricket (darts) and 8 Ball Pool.  I think that if you like to play any of the games I listed, then you will like to play Barrage Battle.

What is Barrage Battle?

I wanted to create a game that required the physical skill of games like darts and pool with the strategy required of games like Chess, Risk, and Smallworld.  Barrage Battle is a board game that requires players to throw projectile dice at targets in addition to maneuvering units around a board.  It combines the skill of dexterity and strategy and I like to describe it as a game that is easy to learn and hard to master.  My play testing of the game showed that gamers and non-gamers alike enjoyed playing it and I hope others will enjoy it as well.


How is Barrage Battle Played?

Barrage Battle is a 2 player board game that plays in about 1 to 1.5 hours.  It is played on a board grid consisting of 15 rows by 7 columns.  Each square in the grid is the size of a standard bridge sized card and players will play bridge sized cards to the board to summon units, structures, war machines and cast spells.  The goal of the game is to eliminate the other player's King and the first player to do so wins.  What sets this game apart from other games is that the ranged units and spells will require players to throw projectile dice at enemy targets.  If you have good aim and good hand eye coordination, then mounting a ranged offense with support from your Wizard's spells is a good strategy.  If you prefer to maneuver units on the board and attack in a traditional manner, then concentrate your offense on melee units.  Do you want a well rounded offense?  Use both ranged and melee units.