MK Games

Raechel Mykytiuk, CEO, Founder, Game Designer

I am a certified wine geek and enjoy nothing more than a night in with friends and family. In my opinion, there are few things better than a glass of wine and board game entertainment.  After Matt first described his concept for Barrage Battle to me, I knew this unique game was just what other board game enthusiasts would enjoy. After a year of game development, play testing and drinking, Matt and I were ready to share our refined masterpiece with the community of gamers. We then decided to create MK Games to manage the creation and distribution of Barrage Battle. We look forward to our upcoming card expansions for Barrage Battle and launching other original concepts.


Matt Kuehn, CFO,Game Designer

I like playing all types of games including board games, card games, dice games, and video games.  After many board gaming nights with friends, I realized there are not that many dexterity games on the market and most of the games my gaming group plays have no dexterity component.  Everyone likes throwing dice and why not throw dice at targets in addition to strategically maneuvering units on a board?  That line of thought and many hours of play testing brought about Barrage Battle.